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3 Requisite Recruitment Phases in A Manpower Consulting Agency

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At Technonics INC we do not put our complete focus just on our clients to offer them recruitment consultancy services but our candidates are of utmost importance as well.

Our motive is to find the right candidates for your company and if you are a candidate we will make sure you are placed at the best company that you deserve. Our manpower consulting agency in Delhi follows a comprehensive recruitment process that helps us find the right candidates. Also, we keep that for sure to offer staffing solutions for you as a company.

Technonics INC has integrated international procedures and practices that are specially designed to find the right talents. Let’s quickly discuss the three requisite phases that we follow for our recruitment and staffing process.


Before any manpower consultancy in India starts taking action, it is important that they make plans. It is important to evaluate all the necessary requirements of our clients and understand what they are looking for. Being a necessity, we analyze the required skills set, organizational relationships and behavior.

We follow customer-centric recruitment services that fit exactly to your company recruitment and staffing needs. Being a part of planning, we put utmost focus on the current organizational activities work culture, business plans, structure, and the future plans of a company. When it comes to ensuring the best recruitment services we focus on the job descriptions, the key areas for which the candidate has applied for, the opportunities they seek, location, and salary packages of course.

This initial stage of our planning, allows us to understand the companies and the candidates better so that we are able to settle the two accordingly.

There is countless manpower consultancy in India that are simply sending candidates to any company without putting much focus on the job descriptions and their key interests. But, Technonics INC makes sure that we are taking care of the complete process, out of which our initial planning is of utmost importance.

Execution of plans

Now, it’s time that we implement the plans that we prepared. Our execution includes various sub-phases that are discussed below:


Once we have shortlisted the candidates on our end we send the CV s to our clients. After they finalize the candidate we schedule the first round of the interview accepted by both the parties.

Before confirming the interview, we make sure that the qualifications, work experience, expected salary, strengths, and weakness of the candidates are accepted by our company clients. We also make sure that the candidates are comfortable with the offered work culture, organization environment and other offered details of the company.

The candidates are accessed on the basis of the requirements of a company and if selected, their applications are sent for further approval. Once finalized, the candidates are shortlisted for the further rounds of the selection process.

Reference and background check

After conducting the first few rounds of interview or selection process, we then make a quick background check on our end for the company to make sure they are not the blacklisted candidates or carry a background not sound for a company.

We also make sure that the references they have provided are not false. We generate confidential reports and make sure that the companies receive accurate reports of the candidates that they will be hiring.

Company check

It is not that we make sure of the right background of the candidates but also make sure that the hiring companies are not fake. We join hands only with the companies that are registered and carry a great record.

Concluding Round

When it is time to close the hiring, the concluding stage carries a few rounds like negotiations, sending out offer-letter, following-up process, and handholding.

Negotiation and Offer

As discussed with the clients, we play the negotiation part with the candidates and compensate accordingly. To stand on an equitable package, both the clients and the candidates draw a deep understanding of the market compensation and land on a final conclusion that is agreed to both the parties.

Once it is finalized, we send out the offer letter on behalf of the hiring company which is carried by a follow-up process.


This process explains that the candidate has joined and is working smoothly with the organization without any disputes.

Handholding ensures an acceptable integration of the organization activities by the employee that we sent, the candidate is living up to the performance promises and getting the right and equitable packages as discussed at the time of the interview.

It is not just a one-way process but requires both parties to involve actively. Without the consent of the candidates and the company, we do not take a step forward. Our clients trust us for being the best manpower services in Delhi.

If you are looking for manpower services in Delhi, waste no more time and we can be contacted right away.

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