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Debunking The 5 Most Common Recruitment Myths

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In today’s highly competitive market, finding the right talent for your business can be a bit of a task. Hiring a good manpower consulting agency is the way to finding top-notch talent and build up your dream team.

However, the recruitment process is forever evolving and involves adopting different tactics to find the best for both the business and the candidates.

If you are not a hiring expert, you are bound to make some mistakes. You might use outdated ideas that would just not go with today’s work culture. These myths will not only hinder the recruitment process but will also waste your time and money. Hiring a manpower consulting agency is an easy way to ensure fast recruitment.

Here are the five most common myths about recruitment approved by the best manpower consultancy in India.

Myth #1: Online job boards are no more

Although social media recruiting is a hype among candidates these days, one should not jump to the conclusion that job boards are useless.

Online job boards remain the first place where candidates look for jobs. So don’t write them off just yet. What you should do is optimize your job boards for mobiles as the maximum number of job seekers use their smartphones to access the job portals.

Taking the help of a good manpower consulting company, you can steer clear of this myth.

Myth #2: Too much job changes is bad

This seems to be the most common myth that every recruiter has. Where job stability matters to you, growth and financial incentives matter to candidates. Job bouncing is always going to be there and if you avoid candidates who change jobs quickly, you are giving up on quality candidates.

What you should do is find out why the candidate has left the past jobs, what opportunity was he looking for and offer him just that. This is what every great manpower consultant services provider does.

Myth #3: Offer the lowest possible salary

Bargaining is good. But when it means a high turnover rate, it is not so pleasant. A good candidate knows what his/her value is and how much he can expect for his/her talent and skills. They might accept the job offer but they will eventually leave as soon as a better opportunity comes up.

Know the candidate’s worth and pay them right. This will keep them committed to your company and ensure productivity. At Technonics INC, our manpower consulting services also include making the right bargain with candidates.

Myth #4: Lengthy resume is not good

A lengthy resume stirs up suspicion among employers that the candidate might be bragging about his/her experience. But this must not be always true. If the applicant has one or two extra pages in the resume, they might have changed many jobs in the past.

A good resume should demonstrate what a candidate can bring to the company and if it has one or two extra pages depicting the applicant’s experience, what is wrong in it.

Myth #5: A manpower consulting agency is just not worth it

No matter how useful manpower consulting services are for your business, you will always find this myth ding rounds in the market.

Many businesses believe that recruitment is best done by the in-house staffing team as they understand the business needs much better than an external company. However, if your in-house recruitment team lacks the experience and the expertise to hire the right people for your organization, you will end up spending money for no good reason at all. A good Manpower consulting agency in India like Technonics INC are recruitment experts. They have immense knowledge to find the perfect candidate for the vacant job posts.

The final thought

There are many recruitment myths that can hinder the hiring process. We hope that we have exposed the most common among them for you and have successfully changed how you perceive recruitment.

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