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Pull up your socks! Planning to get a new job in 2019?

admin - February 22, 2019 - 0 comments

Giving way to opportunities, technology is showing its perfect colors of growth. Rendering jobs to thousands and millions, technology is now growing itself. With advancements in AI, various doors are now open for candidates looking out for jobs in big data science and related fields.

To learn from the statistics of 2018, an increased number of workers have quit their jobs since 2001 which might hit back this year.  Here are some insights into how this year is going to make candidates travel for getting their dream job.

A turnaround in the Job Search Methods

Gone were the days when there used to be a long hectic job search method. With various manpower consulting service providers, it’s getting easier to find a job. You get a call from the recruiter and they send you to the best-matched industry or brand. This is made it easier for the candidates to get a perfect job and companies to get a perfect talent.

Did you say Competition…?

Well, you still have to chase the odds when it comes to competition. Hiring managers are struggling to attract the talent companies are looking for. They believe that there is no change in the compensation and benefit plans for employees.

Speak up, my friend…

Predicting a hike in your job? Listen here.

Almost 50% of employees have reported a hike less than 10% and 28% of employees have reported getting a raise of not just 7% after giving expected results in a year or more.

Rather, they believe that switching jobs can lead to their expected paycheck. Further, reporting a decrease in their compensation and worst benefit plans which are expected to continue.

Yes, it is time to worry about your retirement. You are not alone, here’s what others feel:

  • 85% of current employees are planning to switch due to talent-scarcity environment.
  • 79% of them getting an average of 10% hike. Companies have predicted a raise even less than 5% from this year.
  • More and more employees are planning to become a freelancer with facts speaking they are earning 30% more than the full-time employees.

What is your take on the jobs in 2019?

Running in a similar race?

Don’t hit the rat race; try speaking to our recruiters and increase chances of you getting hired for an industry you deserve.

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